Leadership Team:

Larry Funnell, Patient Partner
Lora Giangregorio, University of Waterloo
Chelsey Grimbly, University of Alberta
Marie-Eve Robinson, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Emil Schemitsch, Western University
Leanne Ward, University of Ottawa

Platform Aims:

  • Ranging from small clinical trials to large, national cohorts and registries, this platform will focus on:
    1. developing tools to predict and prevent fractures
    2. optimizing fracture healing plus structural and functional recovery from bone disorders, and
    3. testing new treatments for rare and common bone diseases (both pharmacological and non-pharmacological)
  • These tools aim to optimize skeletal and extra-skeletal health outcomes, including rehabilitation outcomes, and minimization of orthopaedic and neurosurgical interventions.
  • There are enormous opportunities to integrate emerging imaging modalities, biomechanical testing, blood and urine biomarker analyses, and genomics.
  • We will tackle challenging technical problems such as implementing opportunistic screening for bone health outcomes through implementation of automated image segmentation, machine learning, and computational methodologies.
  • We will integrate administrative databases with novel outcome measures for fracture prediction and other bone health outcomes.
  • We will partner with the recently funded Canadian CIHR-funded Randomized Clinical Trial consortium Larry Funnell, patient partnenaire.